Tuesday - Friday Only
Chinese Cuisine                                                            $10.00 ONLY                    
1. Char Kuay Teow                                            
2. Char Mee                                                           
3. Char Mee Hun                                               
4. Mamak Mee Goreng
5. Chicken Fried Rice

Indian Cuisine                                                                $11.00 ONLY
1. Chicken Curry - Rice & Vegetable
2. Chicken Varuval - Rice & Vegetable
3. Chicken Kurma - Rice & Vegetable



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    Every Malaysian has a passion for food. At Sri Puteri's we strive our passion for authentic Malaysian cuisine with the Auckland community. What is Mamak? It is a lifestyle and culinary expertise that was introduced by Indian Muslims to Malaysia. Our Malaysian Mamak hawker style recipes are authentic, exactly as you would find on the streets of Malaysia.


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